JS Academy #0: Introduction

Hi there, folks! I’ve recently decided to dive deeper into the intricacies of how JavaScript actually works. I had been using it for many years, learning “as I went”, without really understanding what was going on under the hood.

This post is part of a JS Academy series:

It worked fine, sure, but sometimes there were strange bugs in my code, this binding was always a “Russian roulette”, magic terms like “closure”, “hoisting”, “callback queue” or “event loop” didn’t ring a bell, and so on and so forth. I mostly managed to copy-paste from StackOverflow and get it working, but the cause of the problem, and usually the nature of the fix, were beyond my understanding.

Ending the misery

Because the influence of JavaScript on the industry keeps on growing, both on the frontend and in the backend, and because of the growing frustration of my mediocre knowledge of the language, I decided to sit down and finally get to the bottom of how JS works.

I was recommended a series of free e-books titled “You Don’t Know JS”, available for free on Github, which are really well-written and informative.

I will release a series of articles that will roughly correspond to the books, where I will be explaining these topics in my own words. Should you, however, find the need to dive deeper, I strongly encourage you to read the original books.

How? When? Where?

I plan on releasing a new post every week on a Sunday.

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I wrote this post on a Macbook Pro, sipping coffee from an orange mug, just like in the picture. How crazy is that?!

*Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash