About me

Hi, I’m Szymon Przedwojski.
I’m a Software Engineer in Warsaw. I’ve been programming professionally for 5 years now, mainly using Python, Java and JS.

I’ve been involved with Apache Airflow since August last year where I’ve contributed several operators for different GCP services. For a few months now I’ve been working on an open-source Oozie-to-Airflow converter.

My main area of interest is Web Development, especially backend development in Python or Java (Spring), but I also like to dip my fingers in some frontend code from time to time.

I am interested in microservices architecture, building RESTful web APIs as well as user-friendly and modern UIs.
I am a strong advocate of writing clean, readable, testable and maintainable code.



  • Backend: Python, Java, Spring (Boot), Hibernate, NodeJS
  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Databases: SQL, Oracle, MySQL
  • Testing: unittest, Spock, JUnit, Selenium
  • Version control: Git
  • OS-es: Linux, MacOS
  • Tools: Virtualenv, Maven/Gradle, Nginx, Gerrit
  • Cloud: Google Cloud Platform, AWS
  • Methodologies: Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Unit Testing (TDD), Code Review, Pair Programming

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