About me

Hi, I’m Szymon Przedwojski.
I am a Java and JavaScript developer, currently working at Polidea in Warsaw.

My main area of interest is Web Development, especially backend development in Java EE and Spring, but I also like to dip my fingers in some frontend code from time to time.

I am interested in microservices architecture, building RESTful web APIs as well as user-friendly and modern UIs.
I am a strong advocate of writing clean, readable, testable and maintainable code.

I am an active member of the community. I regularly participate in Warsaw Java Users Group (WJUG) and WarsawJS meetups, and you can also meet me at hackathons and conferences.


  • Backend: Java 8, Groovy, Spring, Hibernate
  • Frontend: JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Databases: SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j
  • Testing: Spock, JUnit, Selenium
  • Version control: Git, SVN
  • OS-es: Linux, Windows
  • Tools: Maven, Gradle, WebSphere, Nginx, Jira, Gerrit
  • Methodologies: Agile (Scrum), Unit Testing (TDD), Code Review, Pair Programming

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